Mistakenly Printed

The Tower Meeting 


He felt like he was talking a little too much, but this was the first time he had and actually conversation with someone who didn’t think of him as an outcast. With as many things he had to say, he had to keep it to himself, and the list would tend to grow over the six years. Now he could talk without penalty or being ignored really, or so he hoped. It just really felt good to know someone was listening for even a small moment.

Blake was listening to the other boy while moving his thumb over Landon’s knuckles. The boy paused mid-sentence, leaving Blake curious as to what he was going to say. Usually his modo was if someone didn’t want to tell him something, he’d wait until they were ready to, but he couldn’t. He wanted to know so much about Landon, what he liked, what he didn’t like, just who he was as a person.

“Your father’s what, Landon,” he asked softly. He felt as if he wasn’t being completely fair, so he added on “Of course you don’t have to tell me, you can tell me when you’re ready to, or not…” He began to feel like he was babbling on, so he discontinued his sentence, ending it as normally as possible. “I was sent here when I was ten… So it was six years ago,” he said, nodding once to confirm it. He was too fond on thinking back to the night when his tattoo burned, but he knew it was inevitable. It was a part of him and would often pop up in his mind.

"It’s okay. i want to tell you, I just don’t know how you’re going to react." Landon said, looking away from Blake. He never really cared that people disliked him because of his father, but if Blake didn’t like him because of it… well that’s a different story. "My father… my fathers the Mayer. I know a lot of people don’t like him, I wouldn’t blame you." 

Landon’s eyes widen when he realized he was two years older than the other boy. Granted, yes, Blake didn’t look younger, he didn’t realize how young . “You’re only 16? I’m 18…” He trailed off. A second later he realized that age didn’t matter at all, he was lucky he found Blake at all. “That’s cool, not too bad of an age gap” He said to try and repair any damage he made with his earlier comment.

As they were talking Landon glanced around the room to see if there were any exits. Just in case a guard came in, he could find one. There seemed to be only two doors, and one probably lead to a bathroom. “What do you think the other door has?” Landon asked, hoping that the random question wasn’t weird for Blake. “Bathroom… and what else?”